Turbosyn VDL EP Series

Advanced technology high-pressure compressor lubricant

Texol Turbosyn™ VDL EP’s advanced formulation contains a high performance combination of superior quality paraffinic base stocks and leading edge additive systems, designed to deliver extremely durable and highly stable oxidation resistance, corrosion protection, and through highly advanced extreme pressure technology, prevent deposit formation on pistons and valves. Designed specially for use in severe operating conditions, this extremely robust lubricant provides maximum protection against fire or explosion and optimises compressor performance in very high-pressure situations of up to 1000 bar.

Recommended for use in single and multistage reciprocating compressors, single and multistage centrifugal compressors, and oil flooded screw compressors operating at high pressures of up to 1000 bar and high temperatures

Turbosyn PAO Series

Advanced technology synthetic compressor lubricants

Texol Turbosyn™ PAO lubricants are formulated with advanced polyalphaolefin synthetic technologies and latest generation additive systems designed to provide exceptional system performance and complete protection. Texol Turbosyn™ PAO delivers superior operational performance and protection in all types of compressor, including single and multistage reciprocating units and single or multistage centrifugal compressors where ISO 46 viscosity is required, and is particularly recommended for use rotary screw units.

Turbosyn™ PAO 46 is recommended for use in oil injected rotary screw compressors with high discharge temperatures of up to 100°C and pressure of up to 15 bar

Turbosyn™ PAO 68 is recommended for use in marine diesel turbochargers where two seperate lubrication systems are in use

Turbosyn DE Series

Super high performance synthetic compressor lubricant

Based on next generation synthetic diester technologies and advanced additive systems, Texol Turbosyn DE is a high performance severe duty reciprocating compressor lubricant, designed to meet and exceed the latest specifications and approvals required by major compressor OEMs.

Recommended for use in all types of air compressors including reciprocating and rotary screw units, fans, blowers, hydraulic systems, centrifugal and other pump types

Turbosyn PG Series

Fully synthetic gas and turbo compressor oils

Ultra high performance, high temperature gas and turbo compressor lubricant formulated with hydro-treated PAG base stocks and premium performance ashless additive technology designed to give reliable, long-service protection at sustained high temperatures. Texol Turbosyn™ PG is a fully synthetic lubricant, designed for use in hydrocarbon, ammonia and chemical gas compressors.

Very high temperature oxidation stability ( up to +100°C bulk oil temperature and bearing housing temperature )

Minimum lubricant dilution ensures long-term system protection and component service life.

Will tolerate low-level water contamination and resist corrosion, extending oil drain periods.

Rapid gas seperation reduces foaming, maintaining lubrication performance

Suitable for use with a range of hydrocarbon and chemical gases, simplifying inventories.

Protects valves and bearings from sludge and acidic by products of oxidation

Long-term wear protection extends turbine service life, improving operating economics

Rapid water separation

Include detergent inhibitor, viscosity index improver and AF,AW,EP additives

Fast air release and good foam suppression protects turbine bearings

Multi-purpose turbine and compressor applications reduce inventories

Turbosyn D-RC Series

Premium performance compressor fluids

Texol Turbosyn VZF D RC delivers synthetic technology and performance to high output refrigeration compressors running with ammonia refrigerants in very low temperature evaporator environments.

Recommended for use in refrigeration compressors and air conditioner systems using fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerants, or ammonia

Recommended for use in compressor systems running on fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerants where minimum evaporator temperatures of -45°C (R12), -35°C (R22) and -25°C (R502) are present

Turbosyn D-RC/S Series

Ultra high performance compressor fluids

Texol Turbosyn VZF D-68 RCS delivers fully synthetic technology and performance to high output refrigeration compressors running with ammonia refrigerants in very low temperature evaporator environments.

Texol Turbosyn VZF D-68 RCS offers very low volatility performance when compared with conventional straight mineral refrigerants, significantly reducing oil consumption. This advanced and highly stable chemical stability also considerably improves heat transfer performance by maximising refrigeration fluid integrity through significantly reducing oil transfer to the refrigerant

Turbosyn PG 400 Series

High performance fully synthetic compressor lubricant

Texol Turbosyn™ PG 400 series lubricants high performance fully synthetic compressor lubricant designed with polyolester technology for use in refrigeration and air conditioning compressor systems. This product has demonstrated a significant contribution to keep-clean performance under numerous tests.

Synthetic lubrication technology

Offer thermal and chemical stability with R134a

Miscible with R134a over a wide temperature range

Keep-clean system performance

Aids resistance to copper transfer

Turbosyn FG-S Series

High performance fully synthetic food machinery compressor lubricant

Texol Turbosyn™ FG-S series are synthetic compressor oil based on a mixture of specially selected non-toxic synthetic polyalphaolefins combined with a high performance additive package, meeting the lubrication requirements of air compressors running in food processing plants.

Texol Turbosyn™ FG-S series are based on low volatile, highly oxidation stable synthetic base stock and the very latest additive technology which gives excellent anti-rust, anti-oxidation and anti-wear properties

Texol Turbosyn™ FG-S series are formulated to ensure good water separation properties, in order to prevent rust and corrosion and water build-up in wet environments

Because of the oxidation-inhibited synthetic base stock, long service life of Texol Turbosyn™ FG-S without deposit formation is ensured

Turbosyn Flushing Oil

Advanced technology compressor flushing oil

Texol Turbosyn™ Flushing Oil with oil lubricated systems or components there is a need for regular oil changes, as application or outside influences may have changed the properties of the oil ( e.g. ageing, abrasion, contamination etc. ). The objective of the change to new oil is to secure safe operation and lubrication. Even with diligently carried out oil changes, often some used oil quantities remain in the system. By simple flushing of the system, this problem can be avoided.

Removal of critical remainders of oil / Flushing oil

Solving, removal and flushing of deposits and contamination / Detergent oil and flushing oil

Neutralisation of technically unavoidable rest oil / Suitable flushing oil