Texoform Series

High performance partially reactive demoulding fluids

Texotherm™ Series are high performance heat transfer fluid, formulated with highly refined paraffinic base stocks for good inherent thermal stability and long service life. They contain a range of selected additives designed to optimise oxidation resistance, rust and corrosion protection and minimise air entrainment. Texotherm™ provides efficient, reliable performance at temperatures between -15°C and +320°C, ensuring easy start-up and clean, stable performance at elevated temperatures over extended operating periods.

Resists thermal oxidation and breakdown at sustained operating temperatures of +320°C, extending fluid life

Efficient heat transfer means smaller pumps, reduced coil sizes, impreving plant economics

High thermal conductivity and low viscosity reduces start-up and operating energy consumption

Low evaporation at high temperatures stops vapour lock and cavitation, cutting high pressure equipment costs

Texoform WM Series

High performance water miscible partially reactive demoulding fluids

Texoform™ WM is a line of high performance partially reactive fluids, formulated fort he direct and or indirect demoulding of low to medium alkaline concrete. Texoform™ WM is formulated with low viscosity petroleum derivatives and contains unique water miscible soaps and non-reactive fatty esters, providing fast, efficient demoulding.

Suitable for direct and indirect demoulding saving time and money

Sprayable for fast, easy application

Reliable rust protection of steel moulds when in use or storage

Eliminates oil staining and reduces blowholes for a superior surface finish

PCA content less than 1%, means environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor use