Cutsyn Drill AW Series

Premium performance air tool lubricant

Texol Cutsyn™ Drill AW range of extreme pressure lubricants provides comprehensive equipment protection and performance to all percussion-type ait tools, including rock drills, paving breakers, pneumatic pile drivers and jackhammers.

- Recommended for use in all percussion-type ait tools, including rock drills, paving breakers, pneumatic pile drivers and jackhammers used in the mining and construction industries.

- Recommended for all types industrial plain and anti-friction bearings.

Cutsyn Huxol AW Series

Fully synthetic clear water soluble cooling lubricant

Nitrosamines cannot be formed from the components of Texol Cutsyn™ Huxol AW as it does not contain any amines. Texol Cutsyn™ Huxol AW series are used for grinding hard metal. The main advantages of Texol Cutsyn™ Huxol AW are besides good corrosion protection the excellent sedimentary properties and the prevention of cobalt release. Depending on the loading of the product. It may be possible that the inhibition against cobalt release has to be refreshed. If the cobalt content in the Texol Cutsyn™ Huxol AW solution is higher than 10 – 30 ppm, 0.1% Spezialinhibitor AW has to be added.

- Clear water-soluble cooling lubricant with foaming tendency

- Free of mineral oil

- Based on full synthetic anionic and non-ionic lubricating components and high-effective corrosion inhibitors

- Amine-free

- Mixed with tap water Texol Cutsyn™ Huxol AW Series becomes a clear solution which enables a good observance of the grinding process

Cutsyn VZF D-RC Series

Synthetic technology cutting oils

Texol Cutsyn™ VZF D-RC series can be used for many cutting operations of machining steels, case hardened and heat treated steels, high alloyed rust and acid resistant steels as well as for non-ferrous heavy metals and light alloys. Working processes, e.g turning, milling, drilling but also thread cutting and deep-hole drilling can be handled without any difficulty. Very good results are achieved especially in chip removing operations of titanium alloys of any kind.

- Non-water-miscible, low viscous high performance cutting oil

- Based on mineral oils low in aromatics and mist formation

- Contains native and synthetic fatty components

- With sulphur and phosphorus containing additives zinc-free technology

- With outstanding EP/AW behaviour, oxidation and corrosion inhibiting properties

- Free of chlorine and ash-free performance

Cutsyn VZF E-05

Texol Cutsyn™ VZF E-05, is a dielectric, suitable for coarse removal operations. In case of optimum rinsing conditions it can also be used in the field of finishing. Texol Cutsyn™ VZF E-05, is a multigrade insulator which can be used for roughing as well as sizing.

- Water clear, extra light cooling lubricant

- Based on mineral oil

- Low aromatic content

- Very mild odour

- Excellent lubrication properties

- Good lacquer and sealing compatibility

- Low tendency to develop foam